Antique Supply

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Antiques Supply in Renninger's Adamstown Antiques Market
Antique Supply


Len Possoff

Antique Supply carries a large variety of supplies for your antique or jewelry business.

We Carry: Oneida, Steel Wool, Goddard's, Jax Products, Simichrome, Cape Cod, Silver Secret, Polishing Cloths, Renaissance Wax, Chair-loc, Rub and Buff, Almond Stick, Howard Products, Butcher's Wax, Briwax, Kotten Kleanser, Beeswax, Nevr-Dull, Postcard Supplies, Coin Supplies, Trading Card Holders, Comic Book and Magazine Sleeves, Ziplock Bags, Tags and Labels, Milkpaint, Novus Plastic and Scratch Products, Master Salad Bowl Finish, Tacky Wax, Purple Magic, Jewelry Polishing Cloths, Floreat Hangers, Specialty Epoxy Sticks, GooGone, Specialty Glues, Black Lights and Black Light Books, Diamond and Gem Testing Equipment, Gold Testing Equipment, Loupes and Magnifying Glasses, Scales and Gauges, Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, Plate Stands, Urn Stands, Riker Display Cases, Jewelry Displays and Boxes.