adamstown no crown

Vintage, Antiques, Collectibles & Flea Market



Open Every Sunday 7:30 to 4. 717-336-2177

2500 North Reading Road Denver , PA 17517

Follow me to Renninger's in Adamstown, Renninger's original antiques market. Every Sunday before the birds get up, activity is already starting in the outdoor market at Adamstown. The still of the dawn is broken by the increasing shuffle of feet and conversation. Flashlights move about like fireflies as the day of business begins. Dealer after dealer arrive and begin to set up. You can feel the quiet frenzy of panic as buyers move around trying to view as much as possible. Suddenly you look at your watch and realize the indoor market is about to open ...more fresh merchandise. You enter the indoor market with confidence that you have found the mother load of Antiques and Collectibles.










Our friendly, knowledgeable dealers can acquire most anything you want in the world of Antiques & Collectibles. Weekly you will find 375 dealers indoors and up to 300 outdoors (weather permitting).