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Written by Sheryl Possoff- Antiques Supply, Renningers Adamstown


JAX Chemical Company has been manufacturing metal finishing and polishing solutions for over 40 years. JAX Chemicals are used in the lighting, furniture, decorative hardware and stained glass industries. Artisans and craftsmen rely on JAX for restorations, reproductions and current work. Jax is specified by architects and builders for interiors, exteriors and roofs.

 JAX Metal Finishing and Polishing Solutions include: Colorants-Blackeners-Cleaning Solutions-Darkeners-Plating Solutions-Finishing Solutions-Polishing Solutions. This is a partial list of the Jax products that we carry. Pewter Black produces a dark, black antique finish on pewter, lead, brass, bronze, copper, nickel, tin-lead alloys, and solders. Green Patina produces a permanent, authentic green finish on copper, brass, and bronze Black Darkener produces an antique black finish on brass, bronze, and copper. Silver Blackener produces a dark, black antique finish on silver and gold. Silver Plating Solution plates pure silver onto copper, brass, bronze, and silver without heat or electricity. Lacquer Remover. A water based solution that removes lacquer and paint from metal surfaces. To learn more about Jax Products, please visit Renninger's Antiques Market, Adamstown Pa-Booths B14 and B24 or contact Len Possoff at 215-275-0870 or poss71@verizon.net.

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