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Hosting a Tea Party with Re-Claim Items

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This season is full of celebrations - Bridal showers, baby showers, Mother's Day, and weddings. Inspired by Pinterest board lets put together a special event of your own.

With hundreds of vendors at our Antique and Flea Market properties, it makes it easy to find those perfect elements needed for your special event.

Inspirtation Board

Deciding on a Tea Party theme isn't enough, you need get just a little more focused on the tea party type. Is the event going to be a regal tea time like Downton Abbey, a whimsical  Mad Hatter's Tea Party, vintage 50's/60's,  simple focus  on a color scheme, or even over the top lawn party.

The Elements

Time to collect the elements to make this party happen!

Statement Piece

Fallen Barns dresser
Dresser from Fallen Barns on Street of Shops

The Inspiration Board shows a vanity greeting the guest. This piece can be a chippy table, dresser, desk, buffet which can be used as a serving area - for lunch buffet, dessert or beverage,  gift or sign-in station, etc.

chippy dresser

Photo taken at Antique Times on the Street of Shops

Creating a unique space, inside or out, sets the overall tone for your tea party.

Table Setting

It wouldn't be a Tea Party without tea cups, tea pots, and fun fancy linens. So many vendors carry these elements, giving you a lot to choose from that compliments your theme.

tea cup options
Photo taken: Stephan Antiques in the Open Air Building.

Mis-matched tea cups, plates, and tea pots adds whimsy and personality to the table.

Party Idea: Consider letting your guests pick their tea cup. Then as an ice breaker/conversation starter, go around the table to find out why they choose that particular cup.  You will be surprised how their personality shines through in the piece they picked.  You can also choose to give the tea cup as the event party favor.

vintage table clothes
Photo taken at Time Revisited on the Street of Shops.

Linens and napkins are another important element in the table setting.  Vibrant vintage linens brings in a sense of charm and whimsy to the table.  Consider also using mis-match vintage napkins as well.

lace table clothes

The airiness and tradition of lace table clothes and dollies can add a regal European charm.

Decorative Touches


Vintage parasol(s) are perfect for that baby or bridal show. They can rest on a table or be hung by the handle over head.

large bird cage

Bird cages large or small, can be filled with flowers, greenery, herbs, or floral petals.

luggage pieces

Use pieces of luggage as table lifts, props, or serving tops.  The Inspiration Board shows a large steamer trunk as a backdrop prop and tea cup display.

Reclaimed windows
Reclaimed windows can be found in the Open Air Building and on the Street of Shops

Old window (with or without glass) and picture frames have so many versatile uses - display photos, table display prop, hung from trees or on a back wall, or with welcome signage.

chippy frames
Photo taken at Vintage Cottage on the Street of Shops
milk glass vase
Photo taken at Yesterday's Treasures on the Street of Shops.

Different shaped and colored containers are perfect for holding flowers, serving food, or as display pieces. The only limit is your imagination.

glass bottles

Dress Up

White hat

Tea Parties, no matter their theme, reflect feminine grace, softness, and beauty.  Encourage your guest to dress up, maybe bring their own special hat.  Party Idea: Have an assortment of hats and gloves, that you have collected, available to wear during the event or for photo opportunities. No matter your age have some fun dressing up.

soft glives wm
Photo taken at Time Revisited on the Street of Shops
dress up
Photo taken at Time Revisited on the Street of Shops

Your tea party can be small and intimate with a few close friends or a large event, either way get creative and have fun!

Our four properties - Kutztown PA , Adamstown PA , Mount Dora FL, Melbourne FL, host hundreds of vendors every weekend in the market places.  In addition, each properties hold special events - see calendar.

Our Tea Party/Bridal & Baby Shower Pinterest board contains recipes and more creative ideas for using those found treasures.

These photos were taken at the Mt. Dora location.

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