Dealer Information

Strictly Vintage, Antique, Collectible Merchandise.  


Indoor Market

For information regarding space rental and setup in the indoor market at Renninger's in Adamstown, please contact us.


Outdoor Market

Set up begins at 5am. No reservations are required.


Rental information on regular Sundays:

Outdoor Spaces: $15
Includes a booth that measures 16' across by 23' deep. One table will also be included if available.


Pavilion Spaces: $30
Includes a booth that measures 10' by 11' deep. Two tables will be included if available.


Inquire about availablility of extra tables and pricing on the day of setup if needed.


*Regular fees to not apply to Special Sundays after Extravaganza weekends at Renninger's in Kutztown. For information regarding Special Sundays in Adamstown, visit our Special Sundays page.