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Creative Storage Ideas with Style - Full Article

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Getting creative by re-imagining items that are versatile,

add character, and remain timeless makes organizing and refreshing your home and office an adventure. Forget about those plastic storage bins, which don't add appeal to your space and are bad for environment.

     Instead, morph the messy by up-scaling something old into something practical and useful with style. Hunting for these storage items at the Antique Market, I uncovered some amazing and affordable items.



White Enamelware

     The home decor trend for 2016 is the fresh airy Prairie style. White enamelware is a perfect choice. It is fairly inexpensive and offers such versatile uses throughout the house. Ideal storage for bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen. (Vendor: Peggy's Antiques D21). This collection range $16 - $69.

Primitive Country

     The rustic primitive country style adds old world charm to any space. Stackable oval wooden boxes (Vendor: LeGrant), large tin canisters (Vendor: Julian May), and a berry carrier are ideal for storing craft supplies, tools, gardening supplies, and linens. More options can be found at Pop's Primitives and Brad Allen Antiques (Booth D22).


Versatile Baskets

     Basket! Baskets! Baskets! Come in so many shapes, sizes, textures, hues and functions making them a timeless investment. Baskets can store just about anything - magazines, craft and office supplies, toys, kitchen items, cosmetics, linens, office papers, and the list is endless. These inspiration pieces range from $19 - $125

     Larger baskets are perfect as a clothes hamper, blanket storage, or for toys. baskets2

Industrial Style

     Need to have a masculine tone in your storage decor. These items range from $10 - $69. Hardware labeled jars have a multitude of options adding character to any shelf. The weathered metal drawer cabinets are a stylish and practical for filing paperwork and for adding height to a desk top.

     An aged tool box creates multiple options for storage. It's portable possibilities make it a brilliant choice for storing cleaning products, magazines/newspapers, or a craft/scrap-booking storage caddy. It can also serve as a cutlery & dishes holder, centerpiece container, and when turned upside down is a towel rack. toolbox

     Investment in your spaces by rethinking how canisters, baskets, and bins can be re-purposed to serve your storage needs as you add style to your home decor in 2016.

     Renninger's Antique center in Mount Dora  is open Friday 10AM-4PM Saturday and Sunday 9AM - 5PM.  If you've been searching for a place to browse and shop high quality antiques and collectibles, look no further. In our 40,000 square foot, air conditioned building, you'll find over 180 antique booths staffed by their friendly and helpful owners.

Written By Tracy Post - A Renninger's Contributor



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