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Peek into Vintage RVs

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The Spring Vintage RV/Glamping event is coming up on March 19th & 20th at Renningers Antique Market Mt. Dora.

At the inaugural event in August, the attendees had an amazing opportunity to peek into several remarkably renovated vintage RVs.  The owners were available to answer questions sharing their love and knowledge of restoring these romantic icons. In addition, booths highlighting vintage camping gear, supplies, and decor items provided the perfect glamping shopping experince.

If you missed the August 2015 event, here is a peek into a few of the Glampers that attended. The March show is already doubled in size of attending RVs and don't want to miss it. 

Glamping Inspiration

title collage
The Luscious Ladies came out for a photo shoot.

Family of Happy Campers

happy campersIt was so much fun talking with Heidi.  She explained that their family were big tent campers.  While on an October camping trip, when the weather in Florida can be unpredictable, no one could sleep.  They were hot, sticky, and miserable.  Her and her husband both agreed they were never going to do that again.  Heidi had seen small trailers on Pinterest and the hunt began.

Pink and green 450
Heidi Sayer's 1968 Scotty Gaucho - The Norma Jane

This family has three incredible renovated vintage campers.  Each with their own personality and style.  Heidi's was the first restoration project.  The interior is bright and cheerful. When you walk in you feel like a little girl again, with the perfect mix of whimsical and practical.  Heidi mentioned that parents want to be able to to rent the Glamper for birthday party tea party events.

Buttercup collage 450
Crystal Cuthbertson's 1974 Scotty Highlander "Buttercup"

Cousin Crystal's trailer became the next project.  Notice the table, they are images printed onto vinyl and installed on the tabletops. The butter-yellow and grey combination was perfect with the black and white checker floor.

blue silver collage

Walter Sayer's - man trailer "Marlin" 1972 Scotty Highland

After completing his wife's and cousin's RV, Walter, Hiedi's husband, decided he would like his own space as well.  The nautical theme is the perfect masculine blend. The wood paneling was given a white-wash and then shellacked, leaving an amazing patina effect.  Walter has now completed 3 trailers and will be working on a 4th this fall.

Red & White Stripes

red and white collage
Anne & Randy McKinley's 1964 Scotty

The red & white Scotty was unbelievably charming.  Anne & Randy McKinley preserved the natural wood cabinets and paneling.  It felt very relaxing and cozy with the grey fabrics and red accent pieces.  Most of the campers did not have a stove top, but the owners created an exterior kitchen set-up.


yellow stone
Denise Lee's 1963 Yellowstone

Denise also enjoys camping and being outdoors, but was not a fan of tent camping in the Florida weather.  After almost two years of hunting, she purchased her first vintage RV.  She kept the natural wood interior and made it work with her color selections. Denise enjoys going camping with her young daughter and says that trailer is easy to maneuver and set-up.

Little Miss Pitstop

Think pink
Karen Murphy's 1976 Serro Scotty Highlander - "Little Miss Pitstop"

"Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" is scrolled along the side of Karen's decked out pink glamper.   It would make any princess jealous.  Her vehicle,  scooter, pop-up awning, and accessories are all expressions of pink.  I love her creativity, passion, and courage to do what she loves. You can follow Little Miss Pitstop on Facebook.

There are Glamper groups who meet-up all over the country.

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