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Create Your Own Vintage Garden

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Create Your Own Vintage Garden

Having your own special, romantic, and tranquil garden space - a dream? You can make it a reality this spring. This magical place doesn't need a lot of space, just a couple of key elements. With a vision and a little bit of planning, this spring/summer it can be yours.

5 Secretes for a Vintage Garden

  1. Overflowing beds filled with varying texture and color.

Forgo the well trimmed hedges. Overflowing beds create a casual inviting feeling.

garden flowing

flower marketMeasure the space and sketch out the area.  Then choose plants and colors that compliment each other.  Consider flowering varieties that yield full petal blooms.

plantsIf this feels overwhelming, visit a local nursery.  Bring pictures of your inspiration, plus the measurements and the sketch of the planned garden area (or porch).  They can give you the guidance you need.

2. Unexpected planters.

Think out of the box! Add some whimsy into your setting by using items in an unexpected way.

wheel tub planters Instead of plastic pots use a wash tub wheel barrel for an herb garden or flower bed.

Fancy lady

shell plantsTea cups, shells, fancy ladies, bowls etc are perfect for succulents.

red flower in chairA chippy chair used as a planter, can also stand in as a trellis.

3. Vintage Accessories

Vintage garden accessories should not be to polished. Rusty, aged, used, and once loved is the charm.

Garden groupingChoose items that make you feel happy and smile when you see it.

Potting tableGalvanized buckets and watering cans, wire baskets,  barrels, and concrete figures bring that farmhouse romantic mood to the area.

mailboxThese accessories can have a dual purpose.  This rusted mailbox holds the gardening gloves and tools.

4. Winding Path

The flow of nature and growth is not straight. A pathway through the space or stepping stones should meander in the landscape.  To reduce the rigid lines on a deck area, use potted plants to move the flow.

Secret-Garden-Furniture5. Sitting Area.

Create a quiet spot to get-away to relax and read or enjoy a beverage in your garden space. The furniture adds architecture and  structure in the space, but also sets the mood.

patio treasuresThe charm of wicker pieces gives the area a comfortable cottage feel. The flowing and airy sense also conveys the a shabby chic and prairie style of romance.

White garden setIron sets are elegant and speak a formal English style. The distressed and aged pieces tell of an old world charm.

Be inspired and create your dream garden space. 

vendor tentsEach Spring, over 100 vendors gather for the Renninger's Vintage Garden Show.  April 2nd & 3rd 2016!

yellow potting tableTheir focus is to make your garden dreams a reality.

chandelierFurniture, planters, iron work, chandeliers, linens, lanterns, potting tables, accessories, plants and so much more are in one spot.

In addition, Renninger's Antique Market area has 3 incredible areas. Antique Market, Street of Shops, and Open Air pavilions with over 200 merchants specializing in antiques, vintage, re-purposed, restoration supplies and so much more. Open Saturday and Sunday 9AM-5PM every weekend.

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