The Bread Lady

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The Bread Lady, across from Dietrich's Meats, sells artisan breads and rolls from Philadelphia Bakeries. You can select from more than 15 varieties, including Jewish ryes, pumpernickel, brioche, jalapeno, sourdough, French, multigrain, raisin nut, sun-dried tomato, Kaisers, ciabatta, and more. Several local bakeries: ATV, Schmoyer's, and Egypt Star also sell breads here.

Every Friday & Saturday, over 15 varieties of freshly baked bagels, from "Three Men & A Bagel" from Trexlertown, fill the bagel case. Cold Philadelphia cream cheese is also available. Beautiful hand-crafted cutting boards, by Nancy, are sold here in various shapes and sizes. Perfect for that hard-to-find-gift. Visit the shop and see for yourself.

Special orders from all Bakeries can be made at the stand.

More Than 15 Varieties of Bread every week.