It is important for you to improve the look of your booth. Fresh clean looks often help sell your products. However, it is important that we protect our building should you decide to leave. Capital imrpovements attached to the building may remain attached when you leave. We ask that you fill out this agreement for our approval before you renovate. 

Newly installed wiring must be done by a licensed electrician or Renninger’s electrician. Payment for newly installed wiring must be made by the merchant. Any wiring hardwired into the building will become property of the building. Excessive electric use will be calculated into rent. 

Items considered permanent improvements which we are reluctant to let merchants remove for fear of damage to the building are as follows: 
Walls, ceiling, flooring, plumbing, wiring, hardwired lights or appliances, refrigerated display cases, walk-in coolers, some built-in counters, and exterior additions to the building.